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Brake Job Cost

How Much Does Brake Service Cost

The condition of the brakes are crucial to the driver and passengers. And also other drivers and people on and around the road. The ability to stop, and slow while traveling at speed is an important safety concern.

How Prices for Brake Services Vary

The costs for brakes will depend on which brakes are being done, their condition and the quality of the brake parts being installed.

  • Brake Inspections - are often performed for a nominal amount, $15 to $20 on average but if you are having work done it's usually waived. The inspection should be a thorough evaluation covering rotors, pads, all linings, master cylinders and drums by an ASE Certified Technician (National Institute For Automotive Service Excellence). Measuring the drums and rotors with calipers should provide actual thicknesses.

  • Charges Per Axle - it is typical to get rates per front and/or rear axle. About the lowest price at a chain store repair shop - parts and labor, for a single axle is $110 (Pep Boys basic package after rebate). Although most brake services start at $140 and rise quickly if higher grade pads like ceramic, or shoes are applied to amount to $170 to $225 including bench turning rotors. Progressing upward, if components like discs or rotors must be replaced, it will add substantially to the price and over $350 per axle becomes realistic - excluding calipers. More yet if any brake linings or master cylinder must be replaced.

  • Brake Services at Dealerships - many dealerships, depending on make and model, will charge much greater rates. Paying 50% to 60% above and beyond what repair centers charge is not uncommon. But they might carry some advantage of perhaps having some greater access to OEM parts.

  • Luxury and Foreign Car Brakes - ascend the price list. Some foreign car owners such as BMW, report paying over $700 per axle.

  • ABS brakes - replacing the ABS brake module, parts only, can mean $200 to over a thousand. One cost cutting alternative is ModuleMaster.com who rebuilds modules for sale to the public, claiming 5 year warranties.

  • Be sure and get a written warranty on the service whoever performs the work.

Paying Lower Brake Fees

When the wheels have aleady been pulled, such as for a tire service, can sometimes sidestep a brake inspection fee.

Car owners doing their own brakes can indeed save over paying for the service. But many should think seriously about the safety implications of not only installing the brakes, but of bleeding the brake lines afterward and the whole process.

Always have the brakes inspected on a regular basis since it is not only related with safety, but delaying can cause much severe damage like pad rivets carving channels into the discs.

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