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How Much Does It Cost to Change Oil

Keeping the oil in your car changed, helps make the engine run better and can surely extend its life. On a preventative per-dollar basis, few things make the difference as an oil and filter change.

How Prices for Changing Oil & Filters Vary

In previous years, there was much agreement about how frequently the oil should be changed, generally accepted as every 3,000 miles. But not all in the business now agree and opinions by some suggest that basic oil changes be done at 3,000 to 5,000 miles - which also depends on your driving habits. For synthetic blend oils some ratings are higher and so is the price. Which is exceeded by full synthetic oil. Regardless, prices will vary depending on the shop.
  • Basic/Natural oil changes - normally specify a limit on 5 quarts, and averages range from $15 to $35. Meinike offers a $19.95 change for general makes and models. Prices do tend to increase when taking to many dealers. Most Acura dealers, for example, charge around $35.00 but they often top off the other fluids at the same time. Jiffy Lube is at $43.99 including fluid top offs, and vacuuming the interior.

  • Important: If your oil pan takes a crush washer, to prevent leakage, you will want to verify that a new one has been placed. Not all shops routinely replace crush washers and you may have to provide one especially if it is a non-dealer place of service.

  • Synthetic Blend oil changes - the amounts paid for oil changes using synthetic blends somewhat bridge the gap between selections for natural and full synthetics. Goodyear offers an economically priced synthetic blend change at $29.95 with others around this number and higher.

  • Full Synthetic oil changes - offer the longest wear and are priced accordingly. With amounts between $45 and $90. Jiffy Lube is found at the high end, with Goodyear at the low end, near $49.95 while many dealer service departments fall midway.

Stretching Amounts Paid

About the best way to save on oil changes is with coupons and special promotions.

Another way is to avoid auto service centers that tend to bundle the oil change with other services like car washes and vehicle inspections unless this is specifically what you want. The "simple inspection" can turn up a list of additional items that you may or may not actually need.

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