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How Much Does Do Tires Cost?

The rubber on the car is critical for maintaining safe and dependable driving and for fuel economy as well. Many drivers view this as an area to cut-costs, with prices continually on the rise - but it normally pays to shop tires before making a purchase.

Buying Individual vs Replacement Set

Replacing one tire alone can be done for as little as $50 to $60 at a discount tire outlet. But of note is that all tires should be done at the same time, if at all possible. As a preventative measure, it often makes sense to check road hazard warranties that are around $15 to $25 per tire (or simply purchase a spare). However look and you may find lifetime balance and rotation including with a warranty or a promotion on the initial tire purchase. Warranties for wear can be found as well.

To get the best prices often requires purchasing a set of all four. Depending on type, such as passenger, light truck or SUV, they start near $400, for a 'touring' style and go up to $900 and greater for performance-rated versions. Off road and studded tires feeding the exception.

Lower Priced Rubber

Some of the cheaper priced tires can be found at Pep Boys, Tire Discounters, at Cosco ( a membership) at Sears Automotve and Goodyear although these are highly dependent on brand and tire rating. Getting Toyo's with a 50,000 mi warranty during certain promotions can be found for $450 for the set. TireRack.com is a popular place for tires that offers often competitive pricing on a huge assortment, although be sure to check the price of shipping at all ordered businesses since it can add substantially to the bill.

More Expensive Tires

When you start to talk Bridgestone, going to Michelin, Yokohama and even Perilli, expect the price to shoot dramatically. But it also makes sense to look for enhanced warranties, going to 90,000 miles and extending more.

Related Factors / Installation

Some tires roll more efficiently on the road than others. These, in-turn, amount to conserving gas in the tank. Refer to the subject tire and design to figure an expected full savings over the course of the year.

The tire size will also play largely in the quoted price. With some of the more popular sizes, like the P215/60R16 and the P225/60R16 sometimes likely to receive price breaks over some of the less popular sizes. All season tires, even high grade brands like Perilli can be found for $165 (P235/55R17's ) though also with a 45,000 mi rating that likely factors only taking wear during part of the year.

The IRS mileage rate of $0.55 hopefully compensates at least some drivers in terms of the tires they choose. No price on tires is actually complete however without considering balance and future rotations, and whether this is packaged in the initial install. Sometimes it is offered. Some buyers negotiate.

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