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How Much Does Tire Wheel Alignment Cost

High impacts, the practice of altering a vehicles suspension, sensing an uneven or bumpy ride - these are all potential causes for having the alignment checked, which many shops do any no cost - viewing the wheel sets with one another via a wheel-placed camera, for readings as to their position(s). After the check, you may get a printout describing each of the front and rear wheels' camber, cast and toe - that the auto shop should interpret in terms of acceptable ranges for your vehicle.

How Prices for Alignments Vary

The amounts charge for aligning depend mainly on if it is a two-wheel or four-wheel drive.
  • On a single time basis, alignments run $75 to $90, four wheelers possibly more. Firestone provides a one time alignment for $84.99.

  • Lifetime Alignments tend to encourage the regular scheduled checkings, and that they don't lapse. The lifetime plans usually run $150 to $200. Firestone charges $179.99 for theirs. Of course, buying for a young auto makes sense most of all.

  • Period Alignments serve the gap between single time and lifetime plans. For example, Sears provides a six month alignment for $84.99 but this is most sensibly used for vehicles that justify the period. Costlier yet, PepBoys offers a 3 month 4k warranty alignment for the same price or a 12 month for $109.99

Maximizing Alignment Fees

Whenever new tires are bought the alignment should be checked. Upon having the alignment performed, manually shimming may be required especially for older vehicles.

But having an alignment done can save money spent in the long term since it does affect tire wear and life, the suspension and steering mechanisms like ball joints, for example. Regular checking can help avoid unnessary expenditures in these areas.

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