Cost : Meaning, Definition & Interpretations

For our purposes, cost pertains to the amount that it takes to aquire something. Which normally carries retail connotations. But also the term might refer to a personal expenditure - "Gas cost over three dollars a gallon now". The total cost being the amount used to make or create the product or service, along with any distibution costs including freight/marketing and mark-up by the seller of the goods or services. But cost doesn't necessarily translate to monies being paid but could instead be used to indicate personal or emotional loss or sacrifice; as in "Celebrity cost him greatly".

Importantly, also during the process before arriving at the end user, there may be certain social costs involved. An example might be a mass clearing of the rain forest that happens to be associated with big name cookie sales. 'Cost' here could be taken to reference a concept other than a direct monetary principle, and more clearly, a personal loss and/or something that might carry further impact.

'Cost-conscious' - is a sought after state of cost awareness which includes the implications of what a given indivudal purchase might bring. Also, ideally, that for combined purchases over a span of time.

The rather formal term 'to cost out' refers to an estimate or to account for certain costs. Which a purchasing agent, cost engineer or accountant might do.

When one hears 'cost' it commonly refers to amounts paid for something. As in "the cosmetic surgery cost him a ton" - while at the same time, conversely, it could mean the price set by those from which it is acquired; "the hard drive will cost a $100".

no matter the cost / at all costs - oblivious to what it takes to secure the interest. 'We must win at all costs"

loosely costed - where the price being set is not firm. "The vendor loosely costed the wall hanging."

costly - to be in the realm of higher costs. 'It was a costly one-time deal"


it was a gift - " The tabacco shop said it was a gift"
arm and a leg - " It cost an arm and a leg"
soak - "What did the jeweler soak you for?"
get you for - "How much did the shop get you for?"
pay through the nose - "I paid through the nose for the policy."
first born - "They'll take his first born in exchange."
robbery - "What they charged for the proprietary part was robbery."
to 'bleed' one - "Their rates are bleeding the cardholders."
pretty penny - "He ended up selling for a pretty penny."
shiney sum - "The home would take a shiney sum to restore."
pricey - "The plumber finished what was a pricey fix".
pay dear - "He'd have to pay dear to get the roof put on."
costs money - "She forgot that costs money."

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