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How Much Does Bottled Water Cost

When buying bottled water, several factors affect the price. These are the fluid ounce sizes among the quantity purchased, the brand of water, and the place where it is bought.

Quantity Based Pricing

Related with the weight of water, customers often get price breaks when paying for packaged orders. The 16.9 fluid ounce container is popular among the brands, and when buying these in (6) six bottles versus (24) shrink-wrapped bottles, prices go down. The price per ounce for some of the higher priced waters, like Dansani, lowers from near $.036 per oz (or about $0.615 each bottle or $3.69 for 6 combined bottles) to roughly $.0123 per oz (otherwise $0.208 each bottle or about $4.99 for the 24). While inexpensive waters show less price savings. Ice Mountain & Nestle are about $3.99 in 24 packs, depending on the store.

Among the least expensive 16.9 oz quantiy deal is the Krogers label, approximately priced at $2.48 for (24) bottles.

Too, the bigger the bottle the lower the markup. The larger one gallon jug containers go from about $1.00 to $1.30 each. Except for Walmarts 'Great Value' label that can be found at $0.88 for the gallon. While 2.5 gal containers, when available, such as by Talawanda and Ice Mountains '100% Spring Water' are close to $3.50 each.

Brand of Water

As mentioned Dansani is at the upper end of the numbers. Below this are Ice Mountain and Talawanda and Nestle that are all fairly closely priced, again based on the chosen store.

Even though the Walmart and Kroger labels are yet less, the customer might be restricted by the wrapped amounts that are available. Walmart can be priced less than Kroger for certain same water items by up to 25% and greater.

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