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How Much Does Canned Tuna Cost

It's the low cost answer for meals. Today, more than half of all canned tuna is used in sandwiches, followed by salads & casseroles. Often the meat, packed in water, brine and oil, is consumed as a source of protein and fatty acids. In the United States, the can may contain anything from Bluefin to Yellowfin tuna, or lesser known Skipjack, Bullet and Frigate tuna. But when the fish is labeled as white meat, this is Albacore.

Brands of Tuna & Options

In addition to the brand, where the tuna is bought will influence price too:
  • The common 5 ounce size Bumble Bee brand Alabacore is around $1.60 to $1.80 at some Walmart stores and for the 12 oz version of the same, about $3.80. Starkist can be found near the same price. These are among the most expensive canned tunas. Noting that Krogers charges roughly 30% more depending on size and brand.

  • Chunk Lite tunas cost less, about $2.50 give-or-take for the 12 oz size.

  • Lower grade tunas, that aren't so clearly marked on the can, go as low as $.80 to $.90 for the 5 oz sizes.

  • Some of the wrapped multi-packs offer slight discounts. Commonly packed in 4 count packs of the 5 ounce sizes, savings normally amount to less than a quarter per can.

History & Tips

Started in the early 1900's, the canning of tuna soon went into full force. To this day, it is an important food source. Harvesting by seine, however, has resulted in overfishing of parts of the oceans - the status of the albacore, for instance, is currently nearly threatened. This places great emphasis on sustainability and the harvesting of these fish.

In the United States, there are FDA canned tuna regulations that the consumer may want to consult, which defines the water and oil packings, seasonings, and the characteristics of solid, chunk, flake and grated, and white meat tuna.

There is some concern about the amount of consumption of canned tuna due to possible mercury contamination. Which the EPA offers guidelines on.

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