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How Much Does Milk Cost

While milk can be gotten from the female yak, goats, reindeer and other mammals, milk today in developed countries comes mainly from cattle that are bred for dairy production. The U.S is the worlds largest producer.

  • A gallon of vitamin D whole milk is in the neighborhood of $3.20 to $4.20 per gallon. With much base on where it is purchased.

  • Gallon of organic milk prices vary widely, in the range of $3.75 to $6.00

  • Reduced fat/lowfat milk is close to whole milk - averaging about $3.50 per gal.

  • Soy milk normally comes in 1/2 gallon cartons costing roughly $3.00 per container as prices have dropped over recent years on some soy milk.

  • Chocolate flavored milk is nearly the same as regular lowfat or $2.60 to $3.00 for a 1/2 gallon container.

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