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How Much Does Salmon Cost

For those that are seeking salmon, there certainly are alternatives. Assuming factors like location and budget, the price of the salmon, and the time of year are all agreeable.

Buying Fresh & Frozen | Salmon Species

Whether salmon is delivered fresh or has been frozen, matters. The inherent taste is notched down by the freezer. This puts a premium on fresh. Market pricing though too will depend on the type(s) of salmon and other conditions.
  • Fresh salmon is priced at $2 to $5 more per pound than frozen for higher demand salmons in relation to its season. During off-season, some stores such as Krogers have been known to display 'previously frozen' salmon among other fresh seafood. Thawed is not fresh.

  • Farm raised Atlantic salmon is among the least expensive, at around $8 to $12 per pound depending on time of year, place of purchase and other factors as always. Owing partly to the idea that farm raised, in general, is in frequent supply.

  • Wild salmon is at the other end of the price spectrum. Wild sockeye can approach $11 to $14 a pound. Which might go $18 fresh and then some. Copper River salmon can exceed these amounts alike the King Salmon, over the $20 threshold.

  • Pink salmon is among the least costly and can well dip below $6 per lb.

Factors Affecting Price

Certain times of the year are better than others. This has much to do with what is in 'season' along with how the trawlers happen to be doing. Pacific salmon, which is generally preferred over east coast salmon, starts being fished late May to early June. In contrast to year round farm raised salmon.

Influencing price also are regulations on commerical fisheries. Like those governing the Alaskan Prince William Sound, for instance, and other major regions, along with the possible banning altogether, such as among waters of Oregon.

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