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How Much Does A Water Delivery Service Cost

Having drinking water delivered right to your home or business can be a great convenience, and healthlier than drinking from the tap, depending on your location. But when it comes to its cost, much will depend on your consumption requirements.

Breakdown of Pricing

With some water companies, residential customers may pay more than business customers. While another service simply might charge the same amount of money to both. The customer receiving quotes by request for distilled water, purified or spring water and flouridated water.
  • What you can expect are scaled plans that encourage greater consumption. For a family of 3 to 5, based on drinkage, including the cooler, having (3) five-gallon bottles brought to you will be close to $21 to $29 a month.

  • Two five-gallon bottles might be priced higher than three bottles based on the provider. Prices for the 2 gal, again with dispenser, will run about $17 to $27 per month.

  • Extra five-gallon bottles are approximately $5 more each, for basic plans on up. Lesser plans typically incur fees of $6 to $8 per bottle.

  • The company may quote a delivery service fee as little as $3 and change, if it doesn't simply keep this function as a hidden built-in charge as part of the total bill.

Added Possible Options

Spring water may be offered as an upcharge over distilled or purified H2O at about 6% to 12% premium based on quantity & customer type. Flouridated water priced accordingly.

The coolers, when given as part of a plan option -- for those that heat water such as for tea as well as render it cold, run $7 to $8 a month and that might bring the advantage of service coverage in the event of a mishap to the unit.

Other charges might be associated with early cancellation of the plan, with filter replacement and maintenance (such as cleaning internal components) and for supplying paper cups.

Besides supplying the large bottles, some companies offer coolers without bottles, and added services like combining packages of water along with the order - though the packaged choice is frequently more expensive.

Regardless, you will want to check on if the plan you choose; includes the water being filled in the dispenser, if any maintenance comes included, whether plan downgrades are available throughout the year coinciding with changes in consumption, and, who keeps the cooler when your dealings are ended.

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