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How Much Solar Panels Cost - Packaged Kits and Components

For all systems it is important to calculate current/expected loads and requirements on which to base the system.

Off-Grid Panel Systems

Small DC systems, for the product only and excluding placement, begin at around $1,100 for a basic 12 volt 190 watt, two panel system. Which are also available in 24 and 48 volts depending on consumer needs as some systems do operate on multiple voltages. This would be for a small structure such as a cabin or for powering lesser demand DC appliances, such as on RV's and boats - usually coming with a charge controller and wiring, and possibly with a combiner box for adding on panels. The batteries and roof mount/pole mount are normlly priced extra. A small battery bank will comprise a large component of the price, going from $500 on up. With a pole mount alone $350 to $500. Based on what is being powered, an inverter, to convert the DC to AC current, might also be an option. Before all is said and done, $1,800 for the system could be spent.

A starting panel sytem at 980 watts should run $5,500 to $6,000. Basic systems at 2200 watts, beginning at around $7,000. More capable systems of say, 4400 watts in the range of $10,500 to $11,000 plus.
It is important to view such sytems ratings in terms of kWh (kilowatt hour), based on X hrs of sun per given day. While pricing for all solar panels will be highly dependent on the quality and type of batteries, and that of the panels themselves, for example whether they are amorphous panels, or polycrystalline or monocrystalline type.

Grid Tie Systems

The grid tie placements have the capability to feed the generated electic back into the grid. A basic 1800 watt system having eight panels will run about $4,500. More of a mid-range, 5400 to 6000 watt system but having 24 panels to be mounted will go for about $9,500 to $17,000. Again, excluding the mounting, that could be a direct-mount or tilting, which could add $4,000 to $5,000 to the billable and then there are the battery banks. An 18000 watt basic sytem could top $30,000 priced accordingly.


Banks are available in flooded acid type, which generally outlast sealed batteries that are lower in maintenance. Batteries are a price-intensive component of the system with 12 VDC 200 Ah (ampere hour) banks starting at around $450 to $500 that travel on up to 1200 Ah at $2,200 to $2,500. The 24 volt DC roughly at $900 at the lower end, the 48 VDC near $1,800 to $2,000. These amounts though will differ, as all, quite a bit based on the consumers selection. - Always a professional should be involved in the total outlay and placement of the system.

For the most modest of systems, a single 12 volt single deep cell battery should be sufficient.

Additional Components:

Other items found among kit packages include charger controllers, cabling, power inverters (modified or pure sine wave inverters; that convert dc power to ac) and monitoring devices currently on the market.

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