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How Much It Cost To Wire Money By MoneyGram

To initiate a MoneyGram money wire can be done in several ways; in person, at many locations - for instance at Walmart, or else over the phone or online. But doing in person via an agent is the common way. The amount which is charged to send the transfer is based on factors like the amount being sent, whether it is going to a pickup agent, the currency, and if it is domestic or the specific country if destined to go abroad.

Making Domestic Transfers

To send a $100 amount to locations inside of the United States, will be an approximate $11.50 when going to a pickup agent. That same amount costs $12.00 when paying online either with a credit card or a debit card (executed in under 10 minutes) and $8.00 for their economy option that is paid with a bank account but which can take up to three business days to delivery on. To send $300 to an agent pickup will be priced at or near $25.00. For sending the taller sum of $500 is about $45 (or a 21.62% increase over the prior years $37.00 fee).

Typically, the specific states don't matter as the same fee should apply to various states in the nation.

International Locations

For again sending to a pickup agent in USD funds, moving $300 or $500 for that matter, to Mexico destinations, is at a $9.99 flat fee. Sending these amounts to regions of China will be $12.00. MoneyGram does service a great list of other countries that includes India, the Phillipines, the Dominican Republic and that of Korea whose fees will vary.

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