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How Much Does It Cost to Send A Letter By Fedex

For a letter to be sent by Fedex, there are a host of service options from which to choose.

To send within a relatively short distance, say across the same state, it often makes sense to deliver with Fedex ground since the item is claimed to get there in one business day. This frequently renders comparisons with their other, more expensive service options, impractical unless the hours are deemed critical. Nevertheless, fees for ground service, in transit across the same state can approximate $7.00 to $9.00 speaking flexibly and this is for up to 1 lb. Though prices can and will vary.

When one expands the destination to say, cross country, that same ground fee increases potentially by a little over $1.00 but the expected arrival rises to 4 days.

Delivering that identical letter over this amount of land however has other choices. Their Overnight suite of options could mean a fall into the $60 to $100 ballpark, with their 2 day options loosely between $25.00 and $45.00 or thereabouts. While their Express Saver (3 days) could be just over twenty dollars. But again, prices will be more or less per letter depending on a set of factors.

Of interest, is that there is being charged about a $40 premium within the the Fedex Overnight options alone - in order to speed the delivery by seven hours for our case.

Tips for Fedex Letters:

  • For those choosing to ship by ground the customers packaging is utilized.

  • If shipping by the express service, Fedex can provide a letter envelope.

  • By dropping your letter off at a local Fedex Office, any associated pickup fees that can exceed twenty dollars can be eliminated.

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