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How Much Does A Package Cost To Send

Sending a Package
The amount it costs to deliver a package will depend mainly on the chosen carrier that you decide to send by and the geographical location(s) of the origin and destination, the characteristics of the package itself, and the desired time frame of delivery combined with any extra services that accompany the order.

Though some prices will vary:

Main Shipping/Delivery Service Companies

Fedex - offers a Standard Rate ship on a 1, 2 and 3 day delivery schedule. To ship a single pound at Standard Rate including fuel surcharge, will bring a starting price for Fedex Ground of around $8.00 - this may take by the end of 1 business day for shorter hops and up to about 4 days for longer distances like across the country. To overnight the one pound, goes from about $62.00 to just over $90.00 for the same cross country destination and getting there by 10:30 a.sm and 8:00 a.m. respectively. Though Fedex has other price-reduced options that can pay off well. For example, if you are willing to wait just one day to have the package delivered by 10:30, that price can drop to roughly $28.00. Pickups will incur slightly greater fees. See https://www.fedex.com/ratefinder/

United State Postal Service - allows the sender to ship by Flat Rate, that is offered for packages weighing 70 pounds or less, or else by the package Shape. As a comparable rate to the above (1 lb), for sending by Priority Mail Flat Rate box (assuming the dimensions fit for a medium box) the price for the very short hop is about $12.65 for 2 day delivery, and a little over a dollar less if placing the order online. To send by Priority Mail Express 1 day cross country will be about $45.00, to get there by 3:00 p.m.. While to order the package delivery by Shape will be about $37 or about $30.00 if done online. See http://postcalc.usps.com

UPS - offers a Next Day by air, with a pricier, early a.m. option, 2nd day with a similar a.m. choice and 3 day by ground. UPS does require package weight and dimensions in order to specifiy costs. Going by the same 1 lb. package, however, ground shipping for our short hop is around $12.00. Next day air across the U.S is at around $72.00 with early am costing an added $30 and change, which makes this among the most expensive ways to ship. Noting that the UPS early am route is by 8:00 for major cities, and 8:30 to 9:00 for most remainder cities. See http://www.theupsstore.com/ctc/pages/estimate-shipping-cost.aspx

Where the pickup is geographically located in relation to the large operators and their processing facilities can help take advantage of some of the best rates available.

Other Carriers

Amtrak Express - sending by train is a less-oft considered mode of transport for parcels. And Amtrak does have their own restrictions (including types of items shipped) but they do frequently offer competitive rates for delivery provided there are rail stations at points of departure & destination. You do not need to travel to ship and there is a dimensional box limit of 3 foot square. Amtrak is popular for sending heavier loads, bicycles (they provide the box for $15) and for human remains.

For the same cross country example above, there is a fee of $67 for the first 50 pounds ($.82/lb thereafter) and $82 for the first 100 pounds ($.73/lb thereafter).

For Amtrak Express detailed rate info call 1-800-377-6914

Note that some cities, for example, Cincinnati, may have a lower imposed daily weight limits (in this case, 250 pounds) whereas most other cities are at 500 lbs maximum.

Added Fees

Fees for additional services like insurance and return receipt will be based on carrier availability and other factors. Although the USPS offers the most comprehensive range of choices available today.

Delivery Tips:

Here are some ways to keep a grip on the rising costs of shipping:
  • By running the shippable package through the multiple services, you can normally get the best deal as rates throughout the country will vary depending on shipment.

  • The option of opening an online account such as at Stamps.com, can bring a stream of savings for those shipping on a regular basis.

  • Keeping spare boxes from items shipped, can greatly lower to cost of packaging and in a green way.

  • Sometimes modest-sized thin contents can be put in bubble pack envelopes given that there is adequate protection against damage in transit. Lowering ship costs.

  • When purchasing items for delivery to you, always question and understand who is to pay for shipping in the event of a returned item. Often it is the buyer.

  • Combining multiple items into a single lump sum purchase can act to exceed a minimum spend limit (based on vendor threshold).

  • Always be aware of the carrier cut off times to comfortably order ahead of time. When it comes to quick delivery, even a few hours can come at a big premium.

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