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How Much Does Is The Cost To Send A Package Overseas

The costs associated with the quickest shipping to overseas destinations, particularly when shipping by air, can be dependent not only on the factors of parcel origin, destination, package weight and dimensions (and extra services) - quotes possibly also take into account another calculated variable - volumetric weight1 or dimensional weight (DIM weight) because of the stricter space requirements - with fees charged in relation to a carriers bottom-line package density. Not as much a factor when shipping by sea-going vessel.

The Major Overseas Carriers

Pricing by carrier is partly based on competitiveness of the different international destinations and these differ for the main players:
  • DHL - which is commonly overlooked. Offers fees based on Cash Account Rates. See DHL Int'l Location Selector for details.

  • Fedex - offering broad, global delivery coverage to over 220 countries. See Fedex Int'l for further details.

  • USPS - enter the destination and item value to calculate at USPS.com Int'l Global Shipping for details.

  • UPS - claims deliveries abroad bring up to 3 delivery attempts, and in-house customs clearance: See UPS Int'l Shipping for details.>

Added Fees/Charges

There may be duties, taxes and clearance fees for customs depending on the country of destination. While a customs declaration form might have to be filled out which accounts for every item being sent in the shipment. Although if the item is valued at less than $400 there may exist an exception (see forms: PS Form 2976-A and PS Form 2976).

1 To arrive at volumetric weigh, take the regular cubic box dimension found by multiplying:
L x W x H. For United States billable shipments; go by inches and divide the sum by 139 for pounds. For others; measure in centimeters and divide by 5000 for the result in kilograms.

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