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How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car

The amount it costs to ship a vehicle will depend on factors like the make and model of vehicle, and the distance between the departure and destination. Then too, the company arranging the transporting matters and these companies will vary quite a bit in their prices.

The 'company' may be a broker, an actual carrier or a combination of the two.

Approximately, to take an auto from New York to Los Angeles is in the range of $1,100 and $1,400 although charges below these amounts can be found. Shorter routes will normally be a fraction of this. Transporting from Ohio to Florida will cost significantly less, under the $900 threshold, as will many other routes particularly among the highways more frequently traveled. Even though there are companies out there that advertise to ship a car for minimal amounts, these are often teaser rates. The fact is, the car carrier trucks themselves have different axle weight ratings in combination with the number of vehicles they can haul; for example 5, 9, or some of the larger trucks can handle 10 automobiles.

Under most circumstances, though, deliverying a car by a dedicated trailer or a flatbed carrier is not the most cost effective mode, unless the transfer is a very short distance among the same city or nearby towns at about $125 to $175 minimum, depending on location and this can exceed $200. All of this plus mileage expense of roughly $2 to $3 per mile in many cases (longer distances perhaps less). Though for a luxury or cherished vehicle this might be fitting. While some of the larger flatbeds do carrier multiple cars.

Full insurance coverage against loss or damage is not to be overlooked. This is considered by most to be a built-in cost of doing business, but policies will differ from one transporter to the next. Those who have better, safer transportation records may likewise pass on their lower operating costs to the car owner. As the reasoning follows.

Tips for Vehicle Transporting:

  • Get several quotes from reputable, rated carriers.

  • For the extra cost conscious, consider driving your auto on to points of departure, to save on the total bill. Factoring of course your expenses.

  • To compare apples to apples, along with your list of other requirements, know if each of the quoted carriers is obligated to deliver right up to the address - to eliminate other potential fees and the inconvenience of arranging for a seperate pickup.

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