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Recovering Data Cost off Hard Drive

How Much Does Data Recovery Cost?

Your computer hard drive can be subject to file and critical data loss due to various reasons. These failures are either logical oriented - software/system type failures - that are the least costly from which to recover, or, physical failures in the drive mechanism that are among the most costly. They can be caused by infections to the system or arise from mechanical malfunctions, and these can result in temporary or even catastrophic failures sometimes happening suddenly and without warning (for instance, some of the earlier Seagate Barracuda drives and their firmware issues). Natural events too, like the force of an electromagnetic wave can act as a disrupting source however rare these have been in years past.

Recapturing Files

The main options bring their own price implications:
  • Local tech
  • Software solution
  • Lab solution
Chances are that the local solution for most consumers will exclude any notion of a clean room solution -- such as for inner work on the individual platters or the head. While the local remedy may offer the advantage of being less expensive, in the range of a $90 to $150 per hour on a flexible basis, given an explanation of the symptons, many local techs however may not specialize in data recovery in the exact sense. They may do so while providing a 'range of services'.

Although at the same time, the local computer tech might also venture into operations that others may discourage -- for example, the swapping of the PCB (given a donor from a duplicate drive) if the quandery is determined to be likely caused by such a problem (but performing this operation might void certain manufacturer warranties & pose a risk).
Economical PCB Swap - Requires Donor In addition, if you are unable or are uncomforable with taking corrective measures yourself, such as running in safe mode along with methods of troubleshooting the issue, or reacting to the "Blue Screen of Death" or applying known ways that might "trick certain operating systems into opening" such as inserting the OEM system disk for install and removing it at a precise point -- local techs might be versed in these procedures. But beware, whatever is being attempted by anyone reaching for your data could involve clear and definite risks.

Software solutions claim to offer assistance in recovering data files, depending on if your system is part of a Network Storage Device (NAS) or a RAID solution, with the latter requiring a rebuild. These software packages go for as little as a free download but the paid-for selections range from $49 on up, assuming you perform yourself. Expect a price leap when the expert arrives with their own grade of software, starting in the vicinity of $225 and greater.

The option of the external lab typically brings a clean room environment for which you will pay for the controlled conditions. That is, if the disk containment shell needs to be opened and/or if you are looking for a higher chance at success during the fix. Again, this could involve anything from swapping the head out, to changing platters. Prices frequently start with an evaluation cost, anywhere from $40 to $250 while work on the recovery process ranges $500 to $700 on the low end and a bill tipping $1200 is almost everyday. The cure frequently runs higher with much depending on the size of the disk itself: retrieval from a 2TB capacity disk would normally cost significantly more than for a 20GB drive.

If you have a big name manufacturer drive then this could mean dealing with a recommended third party partner from among a list with whom they deal - Western Digital is known for this. One main question many pc operators must ask themselves at this latter stage however has to do with the sensitivity of their data and with whom they will place their trust.

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