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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Banquet Hall

With features that emphasize themed styles and functions, like hosting "long or round tables", "room size capacities" and the dance floor itself - the Banquet Hall is great and ideally suited for so many things. From celebrating weddings and special occasions, such as retirements and fund raisers, to commemorating other life events. Or else to serve corporate interests of holding conferences and meetings.

Banquet Hall Fees

Most banquet halls will want to put the client directly in touch with sales staff, in order to arrange event planning & culinary preparations. And to get you booked assuming price is agreeable. Minus the catering:
  • Prices swing dramatically for renting a banquet or ballroom hall. Which is highly dependent on tastes and capacities. But costs at the bottom end can be located near $300 for a small grouping, meaning a 50 to 100 person no-frills package.

  • Most average banquet halls will charge in excess of $500 to $900 to a couple thousand dollars for renting the space.

  • Among luxurious and exotic settings, prices surge into the tens of thousands of dollars for 400 to 500 plus guests - $20,000 isn't unheard of. That can bind you to a certain caterer. More typical of weddings and receptions.

  • Renting on an hourly basis to serve the same capacity might be most cost effective. Prices begin at $55.00 to $75.00 hourly for a 6,000 sq ft to 9,000 sq ft facility. With this option, its important to nail down potential add ons like parking fees and the kitchen facilities

  • On-premise catering is extra, which will add substantially to the bill.

Tips and Ways to Cut Costs

The stand-alone Banquet Hall operators are among the costliest in the business, particularly when it involves formality, contemporary or extra spacious settings.

To really strip the bill, if the situation warrants, consider other options like recreation centers, the Knights of Columbus and other local organizations like churches.

Booking Fridays and Sundays makes sense since Saturdays are generally the busiest.

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