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Lawn Service Cost

The Cost of a Lawn Service

When contacting a company provider, the customer can often get differences in both the types of services and their resulting pricing that each one provides - partly since current lawn services have become both generalized & specialized at the same time.

While many residential customers prefer to deal with a single party, focusing on the best pricing overall, and simplicity, it might be necessary to deal with more than one company; due to the reality that some lawn services provide a full range of grass and grounds maintenance - including cutting, trimming and the application of chemical treatments while yet others offer only cutting or fertilizer applications alone.

Here are cost implications for the lawn in 2023.

From One Care Service to the Next

Particular variations in charges - might account for who is supplying the equipment, as many homeowners often get price breaks for the use of their own equipment for mowing and trimming. Although most likely to take part in this type of sharing is the single man operation, usually the 'non-specialist' - each individual lawn company will have various capabilities due to their own skills, machinery inventory & location where they are based out of in combination with travel distance.

Pricing Packages

Customers that have had a long standing relationship often get some of the best prices available. Lawn care companies know who they are dealing with, they are familiar with the customer in terms of dependability, the scheduling of the service to the lawn itself and how well the customer has been known to issue payment on their bills.

Packages that include a range of services - if not chemical treatments such as pre-emergents and weed control - frequently combine the trimming and cutting together as one, most often done every week or even more so during the growth spurts in the spring season, then slackening during mid-to-late summer. Some well established services do, in fact, require yearly contracts on visitations. On a per visit basis though, quotes of $40 to $70 covers most lawns for total grass cutting.

If edging is involved, around plant beds & for areas bordering drives and walks, it is normally done a couple times a year and charged per occurrence. For edging, cleanup and disposable, the lineal foot might apply but for most residential yards, this usually falls below a $50 to $90 umbrella for each time depending on the amount of overgrowth. Less for small lot runs.

Weeding, something most homeowners dread, is usually at a monthly or each-time rate but some services offer to put down weed control fabrics that can prove cost effective over the course of the season. A 4.1 oz 3ft by 50 ft barrier runs $20 to $25 plus labor for the install, and then possibly receiving mulch overtop.

Applying Fertilizers/Chemical Treatments

Grass Treatment Component Due to the surge in the cost of many fertilizers, many homeowners actually find that hiring a business to do their applications is suprisingly cheaper than doing themselves. For instance, fertilizer plus weed control, in bag form, commonly costs about $54 for 15,000 sq ft coverage. Some lawn services will apply at close to this and even under this expense, some providing a guarantee to include re-application in the even the customer is unsatisfied while typically providing technical know-how along the way, to a degree that most homeowners lack.

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