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How to Price Lawn Mowing Services

With cost itself the determining factor for most lawn mowing customers - weighing the proposed amounts against doing the lawn yourself - how to price the cutting for the growing season is as an important part of the process as the effects that will last thru 2023 and it's best to plan at the earliest.
Large to Small Lawn Mowing Prices
First - look at whether you have the potential to do the yard yourself. Your abilities to carry it out, even during the hot months. Whether you have the time, the inclination, and the equipment to do the job and get the job you prefer. All balanced within the budget of course. Never sacrificing safety while doing the work.

Second - search out referals for potential mowing services from neighbors (thus assuring that the services perform work in your area, for one thing) and from reviews and accreditations. The Better Business Bureau is another place to check. Many times, modest grass requirements are served by a local neighbor for the most reasonable fees. But those in the business are generally sought for reasons of reliability, skills and equipment and for increased scheduling options. Contractor referral networks offering customer reviews are yet another option. But find out how long besides 2022 that they've been established in business.
Third - outline in your own mind exactly what you want, so as to compare grass blades to grass blades when it comes to the arrival of bids. Will a rotary mowing do the job? Do you want the grass collected and hauled off or will mulching suffice? Get opinions on the advantages and disadvantages for your own particular lawn from these services along with any fee differences. Request options on the amounts for any service item in question.

Ask about the cutting height each contractor recommends and cuts at. As well as if trimming is part of the proposal. Consider if there are any additional services that may be called for, even if not being done in the immediate future such as weeding, edging and seeding. This will help prevent seeking out other businesses for those select services alone, in the quest for simplicity and the best overall rate. If the business does not spread fertilizers and chemical treatments, be aware of how any lag time to mow is to be coordinated with the other party.

Fourth - get each quote in writing, along with proof of insurance and license if required and any guarantees they offer. Become more familiar with the pricing figures by having each specific service listed in itemized form, rather than lumped as a whole - if it is computed at hourly plus, or whether square footage rates are being applied, or whether labor is being charged seperately from supplies to arrive at a total amount. Also, from these breakdowns, it's often possible to find average charges from the numbers without too much analyzing.

Fifth - arrange on the most likely candidate to do a clipping on a trial basis. See how you like the results, and if there is a match between the two of you. Even if you make your decision on who is to handle the mowing, always keep and file your other estimates. You never know when there could come the occasion for a backup. All the while, realize that some services having the best reputation and rates at times become booked and reach periods where they may not accept any further new customers or even provide estimates.

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