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How Much Does a T1 Line Cost?

There is a dedicated line for receiving and one for sending, and the ability to transfer data at 1.544 Mbps per second with the T-1 line which is also known as a DS1 line. Such as line is supplied by telephone companies and due to its higher end cost, the T-1 is normally suitable for businesses and institutions though consumers are potential customers as well.

Some customers are however shocked to find that the costs of the connection can start at around $250 and go well over $1200 with pricing sensitive to the location being quoted.

Pricing & History

When it comes to pricing the T-1 connection, long term commitment is a good thing and it can result in price savings. It is not a short term solution in general and the term of service is a popular question among providers. Prices for the T-1 have pretty much held their own for decades, beginning in the 1960's, and their pricing has managed to prove rather inflexible from the influence of the other main types of access and the speed headway they've made during this time.

Popular providers include ATT&T, TelePacific & Savvis.


Expect to pay the lowest prices in big city areas as compared with outlying and rural areas, at the other end of the scale. This is simply due to proximity with the provider. The city user can pay as low as $200 at the bottom end, although this is almost an exception considered for the largest cities. Downscaling city sizes from there on approximates a $300 to $500 monthly fee with rural areas taking the most high prize overall.

Added Benefits

The T-1 connection can also be used to carry up to 23 phone lines, besides internet usage. Also it may be available where only slower options exist such as satellite, dsl or dial-up service. However, the increased competitiveness brought on by broadband and its continual rising rates of transfer can render it a suitable alternative, depending on provider, the integrity of the given network and other factors -- but note that a differentiating factor with the T-1 line is guaranteed bandwidth and this should be verified prior to starting.

Other Price Factors

When getting quotes, if you plan on using Voice Over IP, Voice or Web Conferencing, or VPN secure networking these will all tend to bump the bill. As will Digital Trunks for phone calls and Dedicated Long Distances services.

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