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How Much Does Car Cleaning Cost

It's great to be able to have someone clean you car. Not only that, but car wash and cleaning establishments typically are familiar with more thorough operations and cleaning solutions for each surface to be gone over. Thus taking any of the guesswork out of the processes to be applied - certainly for on fabrics and upholstery.

How Prices for Cleaning Vary

Most cleaning packages are broken out into two kinds - for the interior and the exterior. With select packages that are meant to be attractively priced to combine certain options.

  • Single Cleanings - soft cloth methods are generally less abrasive and preferred over their nylon counterparts. Prices vary from single local washes, that charge $6 to $10 per wash. More extensive "Deluxe" cleanings may apply polish/sealers, do underbody cleaning, wheels with a tire gloss and apply a moderate quality clear-coat (possibly even a towel-dry) and these are more between $12 and $18. Figure an upcharge for premium sealer products.

  • "Touchless" washes are priced slightly over "Brush" methods that are found as low as $5 for a basic wash.

  • Entire hand washings and towel drying start at around $30 and for machine buffing, say a quality carnauba wax across the surface, about double this amount. Vacuuming the inside may be included.

  • Quantity Plans - Mike's Car Wash, operating 41 outlets, offers a $29 package that provides unlimited basic washings per month.
  • Many interior cleanings are done in combination with the exterior only. Of the shops that vacuum only, minor amounts such as $5 or $7 is charged. Double this amount and then some for spending extra time going over interior glass and floormats and a couple select areas. Besides this a detailing effort may be in order.
Extra Add-ons:
  • Normally any options are scaled, into basic or premium extras. Paying $4 or $5 might get you a trunk vacuuming or a console cleaning. While it might take roughly $8 to $10 for items like shampooing floor mats, door panels, and removing bug and sap. Entire fabric guard and leather conditioners are about $60 which does carry a markup. Treating for oders/pet scents are anywhere from $10 to $25. And applying windshield repellents $16 to $20.

Maximizing Cleaning Fees

Many car cleaners or "spas" as they are called, offer coupon incentives and booklets for quantity cleanings. Which you might need to ask about.

Some select car dealerships, as an incentive for visiting with your car to have it serviced, even for modest amounts, such as an oil change, for example - give free washes combined with a quick vacuuming. Some do this while some of the other, exact same manufacturer dealers, do not - calling beforehand to ask is a way to save on the cleaning bill.

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