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How Much Does Window Tint Removal Cost

When tint is applied to car windows, depending on factors like who put it on, the quality of the film & exposure to the environment - it has a definite, usable life span. Some begin to look dingy, start to lift or show breakdown from the suns rays. Others must come off due to simple owner decisions. But having the old film removed is the only answer either if new tint is going on or the windows are staying free of it.

How Prices for Removal Vary

The two main options are basically to have the stripping done at a car tint company or to try and remove the film yourself.
  • A quote on tint removal from a professional will likely have to do with if new tint is planned to be applied to the windows. But prices for a three door coupe, all windows, average $125 to $150 and the process takes a couple hours. More spacious-glass vehicles at least 20% more. Expect to pay slightly more at some shops if film is to remain off. Many shops do use streamers to keep scratches away - given that rear defrost windows cannot be scraped, along with the buildup of glue residue.

  • At a far lower cost, is performing the removal yourself. The cheapest way is to use water mixed with dish washing detergent - a small window scraper & very fine steel wool both of which are under $9. But this always carries the risk of scratches.

  • An alternative to diluted detergent is to use Alpena Window film Remover Adhesive Remover at $7.69 a bottle, or the Gila Automotive Window Tint Removal Kit at $6.29. Some skill still required.

Paying Lower Prices

If you are removing the tint, remember that changing the scraper blades out often reduces the potential for scratching, which can end up saving you a lot. Considering that some glass windows scratch more easily than many had in the past, given their newer composition.

If you are thinking about having the glass retinted professionally but not right now, get quotes both ways - for removing the old tint alone now, and also separately together with a new tint film being applied. Consider delaying if it offers a payback.

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