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How Much Does Auto Detailing Cost?

Many owners of autos are a bit mesmerized by all of the options on the approach of car detail shops, or car spa's as they sometimes go by. Not mere car washes, these are specialists that concentrate on the intricate cleaning and protection of your cars inner and outer surfaces. For this you can expect to pay $75 to $100 at the bottom end, for a basic detail, and as much as $500 so $600 and even more with priced options being variously tiered from shop-to-shop and geograhic location. For instance, if the location is within or around a major city.

The Fees are in the Details

Some detailers run the price point of the $99 special, and this, most often, will include general cleaning. One that is enhanced from what might be gotten at the local or regional car wash. Speaking firsthand with the detailer, this type falls into the class of being frequently intended for automobiles that have already either had a major detail say in the prior 6 mo's or so, which might reckon it back, or those wanting the vacuuming and quick wipe down across the interior. This given, it could fall out of the realm of a 'true detailing' by some.

The more basic details in the range of $140 or $150 on up to and around $200, are normally more thoroughgoing meaing that added areas are included like the engine bay, door jambs, the dash, gauges and door panels. At times, scotchguard is offered at about $20 to $30 extra.
A package of more intricate cleaning might involve buffing & polishing on the car's exterior, and steam cleaning the inside. Covering many of the cracks and crevices with tiny brushes. For the greater time, skill and effort, $275 to $350 can be expected. Also, many detailers employ the use of polymer paint sealants to protect the outside surfaces.

An upper or top tier detailing package can include other choices, such as pinstripping and the application of ceramic paint sealer that adds an actual layer atop the existing paint surface. For such premium options, which many detailers simply don't offer or else substiute other choices, the car owner will pay among the most, $400 to $600 although it can be costlier indeed.

Additional Pricing

Elements that factor into the pricing include ala carte options like detailing specific areas, such as for restoration specifications, along with just what type of vehicle it is, such as a sports car, luxury vehicle, and its age and makeup of fabrics and materials. Typically any manual dismantling of parts and fixtures to enable cleaing is not part of detailing packages per se.

Too, fees may be incurred for pickup and delivery, in the area of $75, or even for mobile service traveling to your location.

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