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How Much Does A Car Tune Up Cost

A tune up can enhance the power of your car, provide quicker and more reliable starts, and result in improved fuel efficiency and engine performance. Tune ups are also friendly toward the environment by way of reducing emmissions.

How Prices for Tune Ups Vary

There is a lot of variation in amounts charged for the tuning. A service done, based mainly on the vehicle mileage or when signals arise that it could be due, like harder starting, engine is missing, or the engine lights appear.
  • Standard Tune Ups - involve replacing spark plugs, air filters and fuel filters. Many shops will charge as low as an average $50 for the most basic operation on a four cylinder auto. But practically speaking, when more parts are exchanged and adjustments involved, like the rotor cap and spark plug wires, resetting timing and idle and cleaning fuel injectors, if so present, prices can approach $450 to $600.

  • Normally, standard tune ups are performed within every couple years as part of routine preventative maintenance.

  • Major Tune Ups - when the mileage starts to climb, often around or approaching the 100,000 mile marker, based on make and model of vehicle - chances are that other components will need to be attended to, including those that haven't been done in some while like replacing belts and hoses, and making valve adjustments. Installing a new distributor & possible ignition parts (excluding electronic ignition autos) can alone easily exceed $550. Total bills can amount to between $700 and $1,500 and greater.

  • Quality of original parts should always be kept in mind. Many commonly replaced parts like spark plugs, hoses and belts that originally shipped with certain make and model cars, often outlast competitor parts by more than a twofold duration.

  • Be aware of replacement part quality too. For example, certain high-grade spark plugs can produce 20 times the power of average plugs. Most quality plugs are either of the Iridium or Platinum type (though these may not be rated for all vehicles).

Paying Lower Tune Up Charges

With the pricing of tune ups structured on [a] parts and [b] labor, that is partly costed out based on the accessibility of the task or procedure within the engine compartment - it is always optimal to take this into account when buying a new car.

For the vast majority who are with existing cars, many with basic skills are adept at changing out spark plugs, rotor caps and wires. Which can be done for less than $40.

Its always best to obtain a list of, and understand, just what is to be covered during the tune up. Which leaves little room for the mechanic or shop to perform the unnecessary.

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