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Pricing Window Cleaning & Rates - Maximizing

Ideas to get some better window cleaning rates over traditional prices being quoted, include:
  • Ask for an option for any installed screens to be figured as being pulled from the frames, prior to cleaning. If the screens were being priced out seperate considering handling yourself. This might mean $1 to $3 per window, which might require some dry time anyway if being rinsed by hose.

  • Consider committing to a longer duration contract. Which will help to ensure a lower starting bid and avoid short term bumps in the price. This alone could result in 7% to 15% price adjustment over the course of the servicing.

  • Request for an option on an upgrade in the glass cleaner. Which could help keep the surface clean over extended periods.

  • Consider a tinted or UV film that may not only help with energy efficiency in the home, but might conceal the dust and dirt accumulation on the glass.

  • If you are considering new or replacement windows, grids (muntins) that are enclosed in glass can save much on the cleaning bill and help to keep a newer look throughout. Realistically this can amount to hundreds of dollars over a term and most cleaners simply favor this feature.
There are options that offer claims of self-activating cleaning of the glass surface (both for windows already installed, and for new window units and replacements) These choices potentially offer certain degrees of cost benefits. These may however depend on weather side exposure, windows types, climate, weather considerations and more.

Self-Cleaning Window Treatments
These sprayed sealants, under the right circumstances, last roughly two to five years and are normally intended for 'weather side' windows and skylights, relying on water to flush the surface. Of note is that they may require a water rinsing such as by hose in the event there has been an absence. An example is NanoSafeguard's hydrophilic Self Cleaning Glass Treatment (but we by no means estimate or endorse) along with other products on the market. The drop in costs attributable to window cleaning can amount to 50% with self-cleaning treatments.

Windows that are Self-Cleaning
Advances in the manufacture of glass has resulted in a self cleaning mechanism which is integrated into the window unit itself. Such window claims are being made by manufacturers like PPG and self-cleaning by Pilkington.

With any proposed option over traditional manual cleaning though it is important to obtain the reliable expected life/permanency of product along with examples of proven results.

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