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How Much It Cost To Send Money By PayPal

To send money by PayPal is one of the cheapest ways to get funds to someone. This is done to help encourage the use of PayPal among it's growing customer base.

Their most economical method, is either when you send amounts of money through a bank account that is associated with a PayPal account, or, when you issue right from existing PayPal balances. For this there is no fee when receiving by someone in the United States.

If the money is being sent by a credit card or by debit card, there will be a 2.9% charge and $.30 for each transaction in the United States (other currencies may vary). Figures which PayPal claims is merely passing on to the consumer to cover its operating expenses. Although the person initiating the transfer may pay these fees upfront or leave it to the receiver to do so.

Making International Transfers

To send money outside of the country, PayPal charges a 5.0% fee plus $0.99 to $4.99 USD when doing among PayPal accounts. When using a credit card there is a 2.9% tack on plus a fixed currency fee. Both cases carry a 3% to 4% exchange rate fee.

PayPal Money Transfer Factors

As of March 2023, Paypal crossed having over 433 million active users. While the public continues to assimilate their services as a viable option for making personal financial transactions. PayPal is based out of San Jose, CA.

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