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How Much It Cost To Wire Money By Way Of Western Union

The cost to send money via Western Union is based on a combination of factors that include where the funds are going, the exchange rate and currencies involved, and if the wire is being done online versus using an agent - though it can also be done over the phone. Options for choosing speed with which it gets to the destination include; Money in Minutes, Next Day and Two Days.

The cost to send online to U.S. destinations begins as low as $0.99. Among the least expensive of choices, transferring among a pair of banks for amounts of up to $2,999 is $5 while $3,000 jumps to $50.

Wiring International

Wiring money to international destinations will cost more and the monies can usually be available in the country currencies where the pickup occurs. To send $100 out of the country from the U.S. to Mexico via Money in Minutes or Next Day will be in the neighborhood of $4.00 to $5.00 depending on if it is paid via a bank account or credit card. Which is the same fee for sending $300. While sending $500 there, U.S. dollars could add $2 more.

To send amounts up to $500 to China (Money in Minutes) is $5 (bank to bank) while paying by credit credit or debit card and pickup at a cash agent could bump the price to $25.

Alternatives For Sending and Receiving Funds

Western Union has the ability to send funds through debit cards. Mastercard and Visa can be used on the receiving end, at their numerous outlets. As indicated, customers can both send and receive money among two bank accounts but this does require registering with their site, and with certain state exclusions such as with California, Texas and others that may apply. WU offers the possibility of depositing funds into telephone accounts and commissaries for cases of the incarcerated. Besides offering a mobile application.

Western Union has over forty-five thousand locations inside of the United States and over a half million places for sending and receiving across the globe.

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