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How Much Does A Computer Keyboard Cost

Amounts spent on the computer keyboard has to do with features and design. What it's going to cost has everything to do with how and what it is going to be used for.

Keyboard Options & Pricing

As choices for keyboards keep flooding the market, keypads are now available for the budget-minded that begin at unheard of retail prices, rising from there. As feature sets like wired or wireless (along with type of wireless), illuminated keys that are visible in the dark, and tactile response all figure into the cost equation.

  • Budget Keyboards - the economy version of keypad can be found between $4 and $20 amounts - keyboards, that are either PS/2 serial or USB connected devices. Some may have spill resistant features though these rudimentary boards generally come with little or no way to adjust positions, and may or may not have hot keys. The Microsoft 200 6JH-00001 is a standard keypad normally around $15. With the Logitech K120 at a comparable price point.

  • Keyboard Mouse Combo's - typically, these are both packaged at discount for many low to mid grade devices. Starting among the whereabouts of $7 on the very low side, the duo can cost $150 and more on the high side, a wide span indeed. The Logitech MK710 keyboard & mouse, for example, comes 2.4 ghz wireless equipped with a unifying receiver that can operate multiple systems at $69.99 at Amazon.com. Other systems like by Gyration are priced at premium amounts, $120 plus.

  • Mid to High End - spending in excess of $25 to $35 should start to bring some measure of quality. A black & silver HP DT528A standard wired keyboard is approximately $45 while an illuminated Logitech 920-000914 thin keyboard is close to $90 with adjustable backlighting.

  • Ergonomic - the ergonimic style keyboard has evolved into a variety of forms while having fallen in price over recent years. The Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 retails near $50, stressing wrist alignment and other functions (along with other models). Other makers, such as Kinesis, offer left and right hand seperator models that are priced up to $359 available at kinesis-ergo.com.

  • Bluetooth Wireless Keyboards - often with the key layout distilled down to essentials, Bluetooth wireless keypads range in cost from roughly $25 to a little over $130, varying in price with features. The Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated K810 is right around $100, is slim and offers USB charging. But much less expensive Bluetooth's may fit many user demands, like the $30 Gear Head KB7500AND (Android) that features USB 4.0 for typing from up to a 30 foot distance.

  • Mechanical Gaming Keyboards - mechanical boards are among the priciest and many are designed to meet tough standards. Though some economy gaming kepads are as inexpensive as many other types, most fall between $40 and $300 with a lot to choose from in the $100-plus range for serious gamers. The popular Razer Blackwidow line includes the Ultimate 2014, designed with programmable keys and rated at 60 million keystrokes, featuring braided fiber cable priced near $140. Another label, Ducky offers similar positioned models at competitive pricing.

Purchase-Value Keypad Factors

Due to power requirements, many wireless model keyboards are rechargeable via USB connectivity, while others take batteries. Weighing the expense of batteries, and any possible inconvenience of future changeouts - against the times to hold a USB charge can attain a more accurate estimation of costs for operating the device.

IR (infrared) may require line-of-sight or thereabouts with the receiver for effective keystrokes. RF (radio frequency) usually does not but this will also be dependent on brand and type/model. Also, some devices such as many Logitechs have unifying receivers that enable connections with multiple systems from a single keyboard - which can eliminate buying multiple keyboards.

In addition to the type of keyboard and its purpose, planning the individual features that are needed ahead of time like the layout/number of keys configured, a slim vs standard design, palm rest and even the need for large print keys - will work toward better budget-aligned comparisons for each individuals particular needs.

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