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How Much Does A Computer Monitor Cost

Sums spent on a monitor have to do with the display technology and resolution employed along with screen size. Most LCD monitors on the market today present the image in a 16:9 aspect ratio, formerly 16:10, with the squarish 4:3 all but disappeared.

Monitor Options & Pricing

The current melange of flat-panel choices that brings ever improving picture quality and on thinner panels, serving different purposes of viewing, seems without end - further segmenting the price pie. As each monitors cost tends to scale with performance indicators like resolution and dot pitch, refresh rates and response times, combined with total viewable image size & other specs.

  • Entry LCD/LED monitors - begin, on the bottom side at approximately $90 for an LED backlit screen having a lower resolution (same resolutions becomes more noticeable as screen size expands). This amount will get about a 1366 x 768 or a 1600 x 900 on a screen roughly up to 20" with also having rather limited viewing angles. The kind of monitor suited for basic tasks depending on preferences. Many economy monitors fall between $100 and $150. The Acer G226HQL bbd 21.5" Widescreen is right around $110 offering 1920 x 1080 (Full-HD) and a 5 ms response time, in some ways performing on par with monitors $50 greater.

  • Midrange monitors - many monitor prices move out of the budget realm with the addition of features like adjustable stands for better viewing, bigger displays that light sharper more life-like pictures and some even, with response times down to 2 ms. The Samsung S23C350H Glossy Black 23" costs close to $190 with an HDMI port and an energy saving mode (switches off in the absence of a video signal). Many monitors displaying larger screen formats up to 25" and 27" sell in the mid $200 to $350 range. These are often equipped with VGA and DVI ports for greater adaptability with existing systems, such as with the Hans-G HL272HPB Black 27" 2ms at near $300.

  • Professional Grade - pro lines often promote thin bezels and some of the best contrast ratios. While height adjustment seems a feature found mainly among the pricier units, along with 178 degree viewing angles. More ergonomic units target graphics pros and engineers and designers, frequently utilizing specialized panel technology like AMVA, for example the ViewSonic VP2365-LED Black that costs near $400 as yet other pro models cost hundreds more, depending on specs.

  • Gaming Monitors - meeting the requirements of gamers typically means quicker response times for clarity of motion. Monitors for these serious users fill a large range of $250 on up to over $1,600 for those opting for very large 27" screens. Like with the Samsung Series 9 S27B971D. While many users settle for those that are not designed for gaming specifically - BenQ, a popular gaming label, offers the 24" LED RL2455HM with 1 ms response time, at around $190.

  • Ultra HD Screens - the UHD monitor (not to be confused with Full HD) is still pricey for many viewers but which is entering into the practical as the 4k model prices continue to drop. The UHD is often viewed for entertainment purposes and while still exhorbitant on many late models, a 28" by Samsung or Dell is about $600 to $700.

Purchase Value Considerations

Power Saving mode, factored into the cost of operating a monitor, can save indeed, when one considers the yearly costs that include the electric bill.

To gain the full benefit of a monitor, especially from High Definition onward, the video card may need updating which represents a possible added expenditure.

There are plenty of reburbished monitors in the $60 to $80 range for those who find themselves budget constricted. Though some form of warranty is great to have.

Cables are a must; a 10 foot HDMI to HDMI cable costs roughly $8 while HDMI to DVI is a little more - but many local retailers are known to price gouge aware of that cables are required - so it often makes sense to order them ahead of time online. Also, the simple DVI/VGA adapter and/or cable (male or female DVI ended) can work connection wonders that can normally be had below $15. Too, monitors that are designated as Plug and Play devices are commonly easier to get up & running.

Viewers wanting to see enhanced picture quality while watching from many monitor angles may wish to investigate an IPS capable monitor that can provide wide angles for viewing and also for color and image quality.

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