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How Much Does A Computer Mouse Cost

Much of what is spent on a mouse has to do with personal preference, the way it fits in the hand around the molded contour, given that all hands are not alike. As well as how and where it is being used as a pointer device.

Mouse Options & Pricing

Some of the factors that help infer cost amounts for mice are whether it is wired or wireless, has optical or laser tracking, and whether it's connected with a desktop base or a notebook/laptop pc.

  • Budget Mice - while a basic economy mouse starts at around $5 this is the extreme beginning point for a wired optical device. To go wireless with a 2.4 ghz receiver and battery operated, prices start again, at the low end near $8 to $10 such as for an Inland brand. Most major makers of mice like Microsoft, Kensington and Logitech put out mouses that travel to the $35 dollar range. Yet while some budget mice such as the Logitech M187, landing around $20, offer laser tracking which is better on most surfaces than an optical sensor.

  • Mid to High End - going above $40 to $50 brings some added quality and feature options. Including programmability and secondary buttons for added functions, besides scroll wheels & more. Take the Logitech Go Anwhere Mouse at about $65 that can be read on most any surface with a continuous Hyperfast scroll. Or the possibility of an Air Mouse, that requires no flat surface and can be waved about in the air. Like the Gyration Air Elite that is priced close to $80 at most outlets.

  • Notebook & Mobile Mouses - often identified by terms like "nano" or "travel", "mini" or simply "notebook mouse" these are compact versions of standard mice that are available in optical/laser & chorded or wireless designs. Abounding in the lower cost amounts, one does have to be weary of quality especially among the least expensive of all notebook mice, which leans toward restricted scrolling and responsiveness & somewhat limited DPI. But many portable Bluetooth mice can now be found at, or slightly above the prices for other similar USB and RF mice models between $10 and $50.

  • Gaming Mice - with many gaming mice drawing on wired connectivity, they range vastly from $20 to $150. A midrange mouse, the Thermaltake Tt eSports Laser gaming mouse comes in close to $70 with its own 128 kb of onboard memory. With an array of options by Razor, Corsair, Gigabyte and EVGA.

Purchase-Value Mouse Factors

With the mouse a heavy wear item for many users, the warranty is usually of primary concern. As many devices simply wear out before their time is due.

A spare dongle/radio receiver by itself should be replaceable by the manufacturer and at reasonable cost, below $15 as these can malfunction and/or fail.

Expected battery life is another area of concern, since some mice in actual usage drain batteries more than two the three times the rate that other more conservative models consume. Battery expense can surely mount over the course of months or years.

Programmable features are often a point of debate, along with back and forward buttons.

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