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How Much Does Website Hosting Cost on Dedicated Servers?

For the website owner that wants total control over operations without any sharing there is the dedicated server solution. This gives the fastest load times with an ability to place a large number of sites on a single plan, and costs for this run from a low of $120 a month on up to $1,250 for upper-grade hosting plans.

With dedicated plans, the site operator loads his own software and also administers operations, even when some plans make claim in regards to being "fully managed". This is a major difference between it and VPS/shared plans and there is usually some expected learning curve involved in learning the technical ropes.

For those on a budget, ServerBeach hosts a plan with a price starting at $99 a month featuring a Quad Q9400 processor, 4 gigabytes of RAM, 8 terabytes of transfer and a 250 gig SATA hard drive. They will also build a server for you and install the operating system and hardware after which the operator installs the software/applications, whatever he or she may. You can choose from server locations in the U.S, Canada and the U.K.

Rackspace, one of Fortune's 100 fastest growing companies, offers plans starting at $789 a month for a single quad core processor, 8 gigs of RAM and 2TG of bandwidth secured by a Cisco Firewall and including managed backups.

Affecting Price of Plans

Factors affecting the cost include whether or not you will need firewalls on the server, arrangements for managed backups to be put in place, and quite possibly, licensing fees for software packages and applications - which can come into play particularly for multiple users/resellers such as for the installation of control panels.

Another point not to be overlooked is service: exactly what it will and what will not be included. Some plans will provision 'X' number of service hours per billable month period.

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