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How Much Does Website Hosting Cost for VPS Plans?

The virtual private server option is a compromise between basic shared plans and dedicated server hosting. Typically the plan comes with allowances for dedicated resources such as RAM, bandwidth and disk space and processor type specified; for instance Dual Xeon CPU's. VPS plans are popular among resellers and they are managed by server software packages such as Virtuozzo and VMWare.

One company offering VPS is WiredTree who offers plans beginning at $49 a month, for 1024mb SLM RAM, and 3000 gigs of traffic and these go to $69 and $89 a month as allocations are upwardly scaled to 1536 megs of ram and 4000 gigabytes of bandwidth.

Another VPS host is ServInt, a big player in the game who also provides plans staring at the same amount but with an alternative at $59 for a gigabyte of RAM and a whopping 1 TB of bandwidth -- with a top-end VPS plan allocating 3 gigabytes of RAM and 2 TB of traffic.

There are less expensive plans around and this includes the one from VPSLand at $12.49 per month for 512 RAM and 125 gigs of transfer. They do offer discounts for paying quarterly, twice a year and annually.

Additional Plan Factors

When embarking on a Virtual Private Server Plan, it can be an advantage to choose a host that provides a spectrum of packages that enables the website operator not only to move on to a greater usage plan as his or her demands increase, but also simultaneously offering lesser plans in the event resources need to be turned back by similar token.

Also, sites running database queries may need to have their scripting better optimized than for a shared hosting plan (especially those containing any multiple 'join statements') - a concept that surpises many site operators once they start with the VPS option. For this you might a guarantee or allocation on the CPU itself for efficiency as it tends to get overburdened by other VPS sites on the same server - which could mean paying for an upgrade in the type of plan being sought.

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