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How Much Does Laptop Screen Replacement Cost

When the screen on the notebook has incurred damage, or just needs replacing, for instance from failed pixels, it is preferably done either by a technician or by those who are adept at the fix.

Pricing Aspects of Notebook Screen Repair

Getting the display in good working order can mean sending it off to the maker, especially if under warranty. But if paying for the repair procedure outright, including parts & install, better prices can sometimes be had when the swap of the screen is done local. - First, it is important to determine if the screen is out of order because of a software or other issue or if the condition is indeed being caused by the screen component.
  • Warranty Screen Repairs - coverage may depend on whether the damage is due to a defect or from accidental damage. Of note, however, is that some screens may have a minimum failed pixel number before being potentially covered. But manufacturer charges for repairs normally aren't cheap. Based on the notebook brand, model and screen size, more than $275 to $350 is not considered exorbitant. But then again, the customer also pays for shipping. Considered across the board, those with larger screens can expect to pay some of the heaviest rates, and this includes the larger high resolution 17" displays.

  • Self-Replacing - if you are willing to assume risk and undertake the project yourself, LS offers stock screens by major manufacturers that begin at $34.99 and they also offer screen replacement tools you'll need to to do the project (the sculpturing knife, plastic opening tool, magnetic Phillips bit; all for as low as $7.99 ).

  • Independent Repair Techs - locating a well qualified technician who is experienced will mean a charge of roughly $140 to $160 for the most inexpensive repair. Yet this assumes that your screen itself is readily available and reasonably priced. Other considerations are whether an authorized center is required and under what conditions any warranty may be voided.

Achieving Purchasing Power

With the drop in price of new laptops, owners in need of repair are behooved to weigh the cost of a new replacement screen against that of a refurbished laptop or a new laptop altogether. It may or may not make greater economic sense as the warranty passes.

To compare prices in a prudent fashion, it is always helpful to become aware of the cost of the screen component upfront, whichever route to the repair is chosen. Doing so can be done by submitting a make and model of the laptop (usually on the underside sticker).

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