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How Much Does A Laptop Case Cost

The amount charged for a laptop case depends mainly on the particular type of case that it is and it's intended transport, along with brand that is most prominent. Then there are dimensions & capacities/compartments and materials & construction that bring durability. Stitched, non-weatherproof fabrics are commonly at the low-end of the price scale with ballistic nylon & leather at the upper.

Types of Laptop Cases & Pricing

Some of the most inexpensive cases are just below and around the $20 mark. But cases can be bought for a meager $15. Even for such a low end case, quality aside, the construction is normally akin to nylon and/or polyester with provisional padding and that holds a 16" to 17" laptop. As prices climb on from the early twenties, the possibilities increase with many options available between $25 and $60 from recognized name brands that offer a measure of quality for many purchasers.
  • Brief & Carrying Cases - among the most affordable lines of cases, a polyester briefcase, such as the Targus 10.2" Netbook case is at $20 with shoulder strap, for use with smaller laptops. While others, like by Case Logic, start at around $30 for a 15.6" machine. Materials like Ballistic nylon and those that are water-repellant will go anywhere between $50 and $160. Inexpensive leather starts at roughly $60, contrary to many executive style cases that are available in excess of $250.

  • Roller Cases - are often featured as being integrated with the briefcase style. Some designed with integrated casters, others having removable trolleys. Many wheeled cases begin around the whereabouts of $110 that fit most notebook sizes. But any price increment due to the casters are often the cause for some of the most expensive cases, as part of a total package. The nylon Swiss Gear Patriot 2 piece will pack a pair of 17" notebooks at around $150.

  • Hard Cases - some economy Aluminum cases are priced competitive with nylon cases at the entry-level, especially for an attache style, for example by Merax. But many standard sized AL cases, like the Ape Case in a medium size are around $75. Samonsite business cases typically top the hundred dollar threshold. Zero Halliburton hard cases begin at $195 for a polycarbonate and go to over $525 for limited edition Aluminum attaches, at zerohalliburton.com.

  • Backpack Cases - numerous quality names have priced their backpack bags in-line with other case types, including by Targus. But many backpack cases tend to land at a hundred dollars plus like the popular Timbuk2 Uptown Laptop at $120. Jumping ahead, is the Tumi Alpha Compact Laptop Brief Pack at $330 besides their greater volume designs.

  • Messenger Bags - are offered in carefree, designer flavors, especially for the female toter. Messenger bags are normally more light weight, as tear and abrasion-resistance are more dominant features among certain models. Messengers are comparable in price to many carrying cases on the inexpensive side, with differences in pricing related with their varied abundance.

  • Portfolio Cases - this simplified version of case, frequently thought of for business, may bring a fold-out design for ease of constant access. Emphasizing presentation value, portfolios range anywhere from a $25 economy velcro closure model, on to a Kenneth Cole leather folio that crosses four-hundred dollars.

  • Sleeves - undoubtedly the least expensive, the sleeve offers minimal protection at reduced retail amounts from the rest of the pack. For as little as $9 there are Laptop Sleeves to fit 11.6" laptops, such as by Case Logic. More traditional size notebooks will mean prices beyond the teens. Sleeves of greater quality & designer options are found in the late twenty-dollar thru thirty-dollar brackets.

Maximizing Purchase Amounts

Typically, the cost-per-level-of-protection of a case is relatively nothing compared to the price paid for your laptop and the valuable information on it.

Among larger cases, some models have methods for securing smaller laptops than the stated largest notebook, handy for when transporting more than a one size notebook.

Reversible shoulder straps for right and left carrying enable more inclusive use. Along with the convenience of the detachable strap. Choosing companies that offer replacement straps can sidestep the future purchase of another new case entirely.

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