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How Much Does A Custom Laptop Case Cost

For laptop users with special appearance requirements, a custom solution awaits. Made on the flat surface of a sleeve for practical economy, such as on printable neoprene.

Custom Laptop Pricing Considerations

Going online and starting with either a case by dimension, or a case specified for model of laptop pc - by color-coordinating the entire case including the outer backgrounds and zippers, along with images and text options - amounts are figured as an addition to a base price to arrive at a total cost for the case. Depending on the maker, there may also be selections such as renderings for many interest groups.

  • Base Prices - for the simplest of text, on a sleeve accommodating a widescreen Toshiba Satellite, bottom amounts begin near $25 for a single case which is about the cheapest for a standard size notebook, on to $35 again including basic wording options only. Which is very close to or just above base pricing amounts. Shipping and handling normally tips the order $5 to $7 that is tallied with the addition of any artwork like images & graphics for further customization. Elaborate and multi-color schemes will bring an upcharge. The typical case size breaks are at 11" 13" and 15" and 17".

  • Quantity Amounts - are available for teams and organizations. For example, students are eligible to 30% off orders at Caseable when you create an account. However some case companies may assess setup fees and minimum order amounts while others do not.

Achieving Purchasing Power

Standardization is often the key to finding the best prices. Therefore sharing in tastes, and orders can result in lower fees.

Some custom makers offer shipping and handling at no extra charge, which often represents more than 12% of the total order amount.

By choosing an outfit (not necessarily online) that also offers in-house design capabilities you can possibly save on total amounts spent since they are a single business operation.

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