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How Much Does Antifreeze Cost

Serving as an engine coolant against heat, and to keep the car engine from reaching too cold of a temperature during subzero ranges - antifreeze is found either in a prediluted or in concentrated form. Antifreeze normally has anti-corrosion and other additives to help preserve the system.

How Prices for Antifreeze Vary

It is important to know which type of antifreeze is specified for your auto prior to purchasing. Not all vehicles may be compatible with the same types - for example, vehicles having aluminum components, and other factors. Although the basic antifreeze type of ethanol glycol has silicate or organic acid inhibitors to minimize corrosion.
  • Retail prices for antifreeze go from an average range of between $11 and $18. Lower costs typically represent 50/50 predilutions and concentrates appearing the more money that is spent. As one exception, about the least expensive antifreeze is a gallon of prediluted Zerex antifreeze (low silicate/green) priced at $6.67 for a gallon.

  • Most antifreezes, besides being potentially hazardous to the environment, are poisonous to humans & animals. So extreme car should always be taken when handling. (see EPA - Antifreeze) Antifreezes claiming low toxicity cost more - Prestone LowTox is priced at $16.99 from O'Reilly Auto Parts.

Tips for Antifreeze Buying/Storage/Disposal

The choice of antifreeze is not to be taken lightly. Using incompatible fluid can cause serious harm to the internal components of the vehicle.

Look for particular brands meeting specifications such as ASTM D-3306 (Glycol Based Coolant) and ASTM D-4340 (Cast Aluminum) by ASTM International and other specs.

Potential places to dispose of old antifreeze include Advance Auto Parts and others. If in doubt, contact you local fire department for locating places for drop off.

On storing partial containers, by clearly marking antifreeze jugs that have already been diluted you will eliminate the chance of future confusion as to the dilution.

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