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How Much Does Car Oil Cost

Factors related with the choice of car oil are how long the car will go between oil changes, and how much is to be spent on the oil. While different types of oils have different characteristics and performance abilities. Overall, petroleum based oil costs less and synthetic oils are changed less frequently.

How Prices for Quarts of Oil Vary

Among the various grades and types of oil, there are standards denoted by the API (American Petroleum Institute) along with viscosity, such as "10w-30" (the left 'w' designating winter/cold rating and right for hot temps) - & whether the oil is of detergent or non-detergent type. Knowing your cars requirements will help toward finding the right oil for your vehicle.

Observing that prices for oil swing vastly based on place of purchase, the following tend toward some of the best everyday prices found on oil:
  • Conventional/Petroleum Oils - though it wears much quicker than synthetic oil, conventional oil can be cost attractive by comparison. Name brand single quarts range from $4 to $7. A quart of Shell 10w-30 costs $4.60 at PepBoys. Same weight Quaker State is at $5.19 and both Valvoline NextGen and Pennzoil are at $5.79.

  • Diesel Oils - have generally a lower cost than the rest. Heavy duty and turbo diesel oil can be found for around $3.50 a quart, in 1 gallon and 2.5 gallon containers by brands like Mobil and Rotella.

  • High Mileage Oils - formulated for cars that already possess high mileage, Pennzoil 10w -30 High Mileage Vehicle Motor Oil is about $17.30 in 5 quart containers ($3.46/quart). Though high mileage in a synthetic is about double this like Valvoline Max Life single quarts for around $6.79.

  • Synthetic Oils - offer increases in efficiency due to lower resistance, better flow at colder temperatures and the chance at extending the life of the engine itself. Most prices for synthetic blends start at roughly little more than petroleum oils and extend partway to full synthetic oils. Shell Rotella puts out a low price synthetic blend 10w-30 oil for close to $22 per gallon ($5.50/quart) along with other economy brands. But most straight synthetics are approximately between $6 and $10 per quart.

  • Oil additives - even through the majority of conventional oils contain detergents, extra detergents should be added with caution. CD-2 oil detergent is at $3.99. STP Oil Treatment to reduce friction is priced the same.

Tips for Oil Buying

Buying in quantity containers like 2.5 gal and 5 quart sizes can save 30% and more, depending on brand and place of purchase.

Plan the containers; being left with larger containers doesn't always make sense unless the car is burning oil or showing signs of slow leaking,

Starting with synthetic oil and running it through the entire course of an engines lifetime is preferred to starting with conventional oil and than continuing on with synthetic, due to the clearing out of deposits and the resulting potential leakage, for one reason.

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