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How Much Do Brake Pads Cost

With the friction of a brake pad responsible for stopping your vehicle, there is a lot depending on it. A cars front pads alone provide about 60% to 70% of the stopping power. All pads should be inspected regularly in order to assess condition and expected life remainder.

How Prices for Brake Pads Vary

With asbestos pads now from a bygone era, today the main options are organic pads, semi-metallic, and ceramic brake pads - each having their own properties and pricing. The type of pad should be determined by driving habits and make & model of vehicle (including rotor compatibility) among other factors.
  • Organic Pads - generally are inexpensive and offer little noise during operation but they have a reputation for wearing relatively soonest. They are the lowest price pad overall at between $15 and $40.

  • Semi-Metallic Pads - provide certain heat-resistant properties, and greater stopping performance (as well as perhaps on declines) but they do produce some sound, with pricing at $25 to $80 per pair ((2) wheels). Some models are manufactured for extended wear, providing improvements for heavier stopping that begin at roughly $35 a pair, on up.

  • Ceramic Pads - provide great thermal resistance, run fairly quiet with some bringing reduced stopping distances. Ceramic normally offers increased pad life and less abrasion on rotors. Hence they're the most expensive at approximately $40 to $120 per pair with much brand-to-brand price discrepency, and also by type of vehicle.

  • Dealer prices for OEM pads will typically go above aftermarket sources by 30% to 70% and greater. But the advantage of OEM pads is that they are manufactured more snugly with a design better captured by the calipers for holding, thus preventing noise and squeaking during periods of stress and vibration.

Reducing Amounts Spent

Sometimes when buying two sets of pads (all four wheels) there is a price reduction.

Certain service shops, such as Meineke, offer discounts on brake pads of 50% on occasion when related brake services are performed.

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