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How Much Does Blue Crab Cost

When in the market for blue crab, there is the Blue Crab, the Blue King Crab and the Swimming Blue Crab. The Swimming Blue is where colossal crab meat (Mega Jumbo Lump) comes from.

The Blue Crab is harvested in various waters - Chesapeake Bay is renowned as a commercial spot for Blue Crabs, but they certainly thrive along other coastal waters of North Carolina, Louisianna and around Florida where they are fished along with the Florida stone crab, all the way up to Delaware. Important, for those who want them fresh.

Blue Crab Options

There are three basic options; buying fresh, in proximty to where the crab are gotten, having them shipped direct to you live from a seafood dealer, or acquiring frozen crab at a local store. That is, unless you are looking for canned blue crab [Colossal].

Often the blue crab is priced by how they are sorted. Either by male and female, and by their size; small, medium, large (or bay, jimmy and jumbo respectively) and also extra large.
  • Buying live is only suited for some, and this often comes with a disclaimer describing possible mortality during the shipping process. Shipped on dry ice and sold by the dozen, entire Blue Crabs cost about $25.00 to $40.00 plus shipping depending on the place of harvest and the abundance of the season.

  • Sometimes crabs alone by themselves won't do. So extra items are sold as package deals. Chesapeake Crab Connection, for instance, offers packages that include crab knives, bibs and mallets. Included with a steamed dozen of whole Maryland Crabs, ranges from $45 to $79 for small to large males (extra large at $109) and if you prefer females, $49 to $67 with other options available.

  • Larger quantities are available at some outlets by the 1/2 bushel for which prices vary.

  • Fresh Blue Crab claw meat is more like $30 to $35 per lb. excluding shipping.

  • Lump Blue crab is in the range or $40 to $50 depending on season & take.


For the water dwelling blue's, seasons vary. That is mostly caused by water temperatures that stir their activity thus making them more available.

Prolonged shipping should be avoided that can result in the freezing of the crab on arrival.

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