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How Much Does Jumbo Shrimp Cost

At times referred to as the Prawn (British origin), the Jumbo Shrimp is popular for grilling and for stuffing with ingredients. Although, calling the larger varieties 'Jumbo' - the two can sometimes be confused and making that distinction can rely on where they're bought.

Choices of Shrimp

The shrimp count describes how many shrimp are in a pound. Overall, with heads removed: for Jumbo Shrimp you typically are allotted 21 to 25 shrimp. For Extra Jumbo it is ordinarily 16 to 20. And for those that consider Extra Large Shrimp to fall under the 'Jumbo' category, you should fall in the range of about 26 to 30 count.
  • Extra Jumbo Shrimp through major consumer dealers are found as low as $8 to $9 a pound with the heads on, plus delivery to your door.

  • Fresh cooked or uncooked Jumbo Shrimp tends to run $16 to $23 a pound locally with the heads removed. Possibly less during abundant seasons.

  • Frozen Jumbo, with shell peeled, costs near the $11 to $14 mark during off-season. About three dollars under when the shell & tail is left on.

  • Frozen Texas Gulf Jumbo Shrimp is approximately $10 per pound. Occasionally less.

  • Expect to pay more for shrimp deveining.

Tips for Getting the Most

When budgeting, remember that shrimp bought in their shell can be reduced to as little as 1/2 their weight on being peeled and cooked. Also, shrimp with their heads remaining will have much lower counts.

When receiving frozen shrimp, it's generally recommended that they not be thawed in the microwave. If deveining yourself, this should be done before cooking.

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