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How Much Does Yellowfin Tuna Cost

The Yellowfin, also known as ahi, are prepared by grilling, seared rare and also savored in its raw form. They move in schools that include skipjack tuna and even dolphins while tending to migrate. Most of the supply is sourced off the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, followed by Vietnam and Panama waters. Although sportfishing for the eating of the tuna is popular off the southwest coast of California & San Diego. Yellowfin tuna demand is growing as it continues to serve as a close choice behind Bluefin which are rapidly diminishing.

Yellowfin Buying Choices

The market prices for Yellowfin are among the more reasonable of tunas.
  • Sashimi grade Yellowfin tuna is likely to fall around thirty dollars a pound.

  • Fresh Yellowfin begins at around $7 to $8 a pound with Yellowfin steaks roughly $9 to $14 a pound. Though the benchmark Yellowfin steak has been known to fall as low as $6 over the past couple of years.

  • Some of the influence on Yellowfin price swings have been due to processor price setting and their insistence on prepayment rather than solely on consumer demand.

Tuna Grading & Tips

Yellowfin tuna categorized as Number 1 quality is generally marketed in the United States while Number 2 ships to Japan.

Normally the best time to purchase is during the late fall season when the call for the fish, including the the duration of the grilling season, ebbs on its yearly course. Other than this, purchasing frozen Yellowfin will save over the price of fresh.

Beware of Yellowfin exposure levels to carbon monoxide which is used to either preserve its red hue or imbue it with such, which may be excessive.

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