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How Much Does King Crab Cost

Of the king crabs that are dined on, it is overwhelmingly the Red King Crab, which is taken from the Bering Sea. The largest of the kings, that tips the scales at up to 20 pounds - it doesn't actually take on a bright red color until being cooked. Then, there is the Golden King Crab (also known as the Brown King Crab) which is normally around six or seven lbs. But, with much of the crab harvested from Alaska, and shipped to the east coast in frozen packs (or out to Asia or Europe) the bulk of the seafood goes to restaurants rather than consumers.

Crab Seafood Price Options

  • Flash frozen, Red King Crab is available in whole form. Although buying the big crab can cost $45 a pound in 10 pound quantities, besides shipping, that might be $50 for cool deliveries on to areas of the U.S. Price breaks may be given, like 25 lbs at $35 to $40 a pound.

  • Red King Jumbo crab legs sold to the consumer by seafood dealera are typically frozen and these start near $27 a pound, plus delivery, based on the number of pounds being sent.

  • Frozen King Crab legs bought from a local supermarket chain is the least expensive option, beginning at $13 to $15 per lb. in plastic bags.

Tips & When to Buy

Fresh king crab is most likely to be available during the fall through spring months, specifically October through January. These are when the crab are generally harvested. Other periods of the year, frozen crab are more of a realistic option.

Buying the Brown King crab could make better price-sense to some. As the brown variety continues to replace the diminishing Red King supplies.

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