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How Much Does Shrimp Cocktail Cost

The hearty appetizer of shrimp cocktail is sometimes enough for a meal in itself. The prior boiled shrimp served chilled, is a mainstay for many seafood lovers and restaurants alike.

Shrimp Cocktail

  • To make the cocktail sauce, the ingredients to serve four will include; a can of tomatoes, horseradish, olive oil and spices. Assuming you already have the blender or food processor, and common ingredients, the cocktail can be assembled for $4 to $7 including the lemon wedges and any ice. Going the way of a quicker cocktail sauce - that at its basic is ketchup, horseradish sauce and coarse salt, should be between $2 and $3. Both will feed four to six eaters.

  • For the shrimp itself, there really are no hard and fast rules on the grade of shrimp. But the norm is fresh or else thawed, flash-frozen Large/Jumbo Shrimp, preferably with the tail left on, for dipping, with the head and shell removed though these aren't standard practice. Figuring 4 to 6 shrimp per person, (1) pound of 16 to 25 shrimp should suffice that are based on the chosen shrimp size. For which prices go between $12 and $20 but erroring on the tall side should be favored for reasons of quality and freshness.

  • Ordering shrimp cocktail from a sit-down restaurant or formal eatery will differ in price. A single serving that presents six cold, peeled shrimp in a chilled glass, is charged $8 or $9 on average depending on the restaurant. With their own spicy concoction of cocktail sauce.

Optimizing Prices: Making Shrimp Cocktail vs Dining Out

Single servings, from a price standpoint, are most practically gotten from a restaurant. Particularly if you don't already have minimum amounts of ingredients on hand. Planning out the bulk of ingredients, mainly the tomato-sauce component, along with the shrimp sold on a per-pound/count basis, will give the most cost-effective and waste-free solution.

To consider also is the time required for preparation that might entail deveining each of the shrimp if they don't come so prepared, and cooking them. That then have to stay in the fridge for a period of hours before serving.

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