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How Much Does Canned Salmon Cost

There is an appeal of that goes with having salmon in the can. Though more so with some brands than with others as the canned meat opens variously clean. So part of the key seems to be in finding a brand you prefer that contains little if any unwanted skin and delicate bones, which require some cleaning when this occurs. However, canned salmon in its desired condition is quite economical in comparison to other types of salmon.

Brands & Salmon Species

Popular brands include Chicken of the Sea, Crown Prince and Bumble Bee. Though surely not always, cost can be a crude indicator of quality. Venturing from least to most expensive:
  • Basic Pink salmon in typical 7.5 ounce cans begins at around $1.88 for Double Q brand. The 14.75 oz can prices can be found as low as $2.42 (Walmart 'Great Value') or roughly $2.90 or thereabouts for Chicken of the Sea same size can.With costs rising to four dollars for other brands.

  • Sockeye Salmon roughly approximates double the pink, at $7 or $8 depending on the cannery for the 14.75 oz. containers.

  • Some premium Wild Alaskan Salmons head up to $9 for a 6 oz can like by Wild Planet which are without skin and bones, that they claim to be sustainably caught.

Some brands, such as Crown Prince, have been known to state that they include skin and bones among their salmon cans to bring added calcium value. Also, some may or may not have salt added.

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