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How Much Does Smoked Salmon Cost

Tradition has brought us several methods of smoking salmon. Today, the process has been commercialized into mainly hot smoking or cold smoking of the fish. Popular with recipes and dishes, like cream cheese and pate, cold smoked is smooth and uncooked while hot smoked imbues a heartier, meaty texture. Smoked salmon is typically at the top end of the price scale chiefly because of the measures it takes to bring it to you in packaged form.

From Jerky Strips to Salmon Fillets

Due to differences in labeling, and a need to market individual smoking strong points, it helps to keep in mind that Red Salmon is the same as Sockeye Salmon, King is Chinook, and Chum Salmon is Keta. Pacific Coho, or Silver Salmon, is caught from Oregon/Alaska clear to Russian and Japanese waters.
  • With most of its weight lost during the smoking, Smoked Salmon Jerky has a high price due to the weight factor: a 6 oz bag can cost 18.00.

  • Presentation boxes, especially in wood, will add to the price for a total of about $25.00 to $30.00 for a 16 oz gift box. Relying on presentation value, these often contain salmon types that are kept unlabeled.

  • Trial boxes and packets are a great idea for those not sure as to the type of smoked salmon they prefer. Alaska Smokehouse offers a (3) 8 oz pack at around $29.00 while SeaBear offers a similar box combining Wild Smoked Coho, Sockeye and Pink Salmon for about a dollar less at $28.00 or near this amount.

  • Many brands and labels depend on flavorings and strong seasonings to overtake the species of salmon, like with pepper and garlic.

  • A lot of smoked salmon is farmed in Norway. Wild Pacific Salmon draws from Alaska.
Check with the individual manufacturer, but the smoked product might need to be refrigerated after the seal on the package is broken.

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