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How Much Does Powdered Sugar Cost

Ground from sugar, powdered sugar or confectioners sugar is the magical white sweet dust on cakes, pastries and treats, important in the making of icings. It's grade of fineness is expressed in terms of X's but it is commonly found in 10X. Given its processing and airy volume, it costs more than regular sugar by weight and contains some amount of cornstarch with little exception to maintain consistency.

Confectioners Sugar - at 10X, a common 32 oz (2 lb) bag for Domino Brand is $1.90 depending on place of purchase, which is available in four pound also - for those wanting the coarser 4X it comes in single pound boxes. Same stuff by Walmart Great Value is $1.66.

Tips: Making Lower Costs

It is possible to turn table sugar into powdered sugar with a capable, tabletop blender, used at your own risk (as this could take a toll - an alternative is the age old mortar and pestle).

Combine a scant 1 1/4 tablespoons of corn starch for every cup of sugar. May need sifted.

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