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How Much Does Evaporated Milk Cost

Having most of the water removed, then sterilized, evaporated milk is great for storing over prolonged periods in the sealed can. It's sold in fat free, lowfat 2% and whole milk versions. And is popular as a substitute for milk, cream and for cooking. Evaporated milk is used in preparing mashed potatoes, pies, casseroles and soups. Or it can be reconstituted with water back to near regular milk.
  • A 5 fluid ounce can of Carnation evaporated milk costs $.88, possibly little more based on place of purchase. Walmarts store brand is at $.68.

  • The Carnation in 12 fl oz is $1.24 while the Walmart brand is $.98. Some price variation may occur at different stores.

Tips: Cutting Costs

A lower cost alternative to evaporated milk for cooking is to make your own by mixing water with powdered milk.

Note: canned milk and evaporated milk are not identical products. Canned milk has the addition of sugar that has a noticeable flavor in recipes. Evaporated milk has vitamin D added to it.

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