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How Much Does Tire Balancing Cost

Keeping the tires balanced on your vehicle helps to ensure that your car provides smooth and vibration-free operation from the wheels. Establishing an even weight distribution around all four tires is important to the life of the tread as well, and, can effect the drive train components in the long haul. Together with tire rotation, alignment, and correct tire pressure, balancing is integral to how your vehicle glides on the road especially at speeds of 50 or 60 m.p.h. and with the design of today's vehicles it's as important as ever.

How Tire Balancing Prices Differ

The balancing of the tires is accomplished with either adhesive-style or clip-on wheel weights. It's important to know if these are to be placed on the inner or outer wheel.
  • Lifetime Balance Service programs offer some of the best prices - PepBoys provides lifetime balance for $12.49 to cover the life of the tire. Firestone offers lifetime wheel balance at $56.00 which they recommend to be checked at least every 6,000 mi. - claiming a price match guarantee as well for their services.

  • Upon tire purchase - at the low end, Walmart offers lifetime tire balance as low $12 per tire, as part of a service package when you buy tires at their stores. Discount Tire Direct offers balancing at $16.00 per tire when on tire purchase. Other auto shop chains offer free balance and rotation for the life of the tires upon purchase, for example - Tire Discounters under some of their special promotions.

Getting More From Balancing Fees

'Match mounting' is a popular term bandied about on the subject of tire mounting. But to get the most of what you pay for, in terms of detecting balance and out-of-roundness - some shops that use the latest, more sensitive balancers such as the Hunter Digital Balancer, which are smart balancers, are among the best.

It is generally best that any defects within the tire are identified at the earliest - not only for safety concerns but that it be discovered within any tire warranty period.

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