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How Much a Courier Service Costs for Large & Bulky Items

Not all couriers are equipped to expedite large, heavy items. Which takes special vehicles and equipment for handling.

This kind of delivery can take something such as a box truck, a stake bed or flatbed. Thus, the rates for handling these orders of delivery are scaled to reflect this. Minimum rates for these bigger, more capable trucks like the box truck can rise on up to $70.00 to $180.00, with tractor trailers fetching two hundred dollars, at base, to get started - for those who may have the loads to justify such fees which might make great economic sense.

To begin with, traveling rates can go $2.25 to $3.25 per mile. After hours rates can show an even wider percentage increase over the so-called normal shipping methods. While times spent waiting can more than double the smaller deliveries. Surpassing $.90 a minute in some cases.

Some delivery services are also able to charge a flat liftgate fee, for raising and lowering the load to and from. About $25 depending.

But as a rule, the minivan can handle up to approximately 750 to 1000 pounds of cargo. Which makes it one of the best deals alongside the full size van, than can transport approximately (2) cargo skids. Which both can be found for hire in many areas at under $2.00 per mile.

If you choose to have shipped by a stakebed truck or have your delivery covered regardless expect to pay anywhere from $30 to $80 for a simple tarp fee.

Note that prices for shipping in the courier business are in a state of constant change. This is partly due of movements in the costs of their fleet operating expenses such as that for fuel and other contributing factors.

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